Bette Davis and a Long Flight 

Hi everybody. As I write this, I’m a little more than halfway over the Atlantic on my way to London for the wedding I mentioned in a previous post. 

Going to start this off by saying this flight is full of freaks. Right now someone is snoring so loudly but I can’t pick out exactly who it is. No one is sitting next to me so I have an extra pillow…if I knew who it was I could throw it at them and it’s dark enough that they would never know who did it. Also, someone was sleeping on the floor. Interesting choice. And then some weird kid nearly passed out by the bathrooms. I just needed to wash my hands so all that was a little more than I bargained for. 

Anyway, just wanted to write a quick post because I haven’t slept and I’ve run out of things to do really. Actually that’s not true. I have a script to read and lots of stuff to do, but I have trouble focusing on planes. Plus I just watched “All About Eve” and that kind of put me off actress related things. 

Should probably incorporate some kind of beauty related theme…hmmm…

I did use the Fresh rose hydrating mask for the first time and I feel like it did a really nice job of keeping my skin from drying out too badly. That and a sample of some new Clarins night cream. Although I’d much rather have slept than slathered a bunch of product on my face. 

All that being said I’m really looking forward to my trip and seeing my boyfriend. Equally as excited to get off this plane full of weirdos. 

Overrated Product Alert

Alright guys. I’m gonna come out and say it. The Tom Ford powder foundation isn’t that great. There. It’s out there.

Probably harder on me than you since I’m the one who spent $80 on it, but whatever.

This past fall, I purchased the Tom Ford Flawless Powder Foundation in the shade Cream.

I was really hoping I would love it and it was my first Tom Ford beauty purchase. Well. My first Tom Ford purchase. Period. I’m not made of money.

Check out this foundation here. My own compact was in no shape to be photographed.

Anyway, I was really excited and hoped that this would compete with my all time favorite Chanel Double Perfection Powder Foundation. The color was great for my skin, but it just didn’t seem to set as flawlessly on my face. I also feel like I hit pan really quickly and I definitely wasn’t caking it on. The packaging was nice (duh), and the powder is finely milled, but for some reason I couldn’t justify how expensive it was with the results I had. I’m all for splurging and spending money on certain makeup items–foundation being one of those–but this was just “meh”. I wasn’t a fan of the double sided sponge applicator for different levels of coverage. It didn’t seem to do much of anything really.

All in all, just not worth the money for me. I liked it, but I wouldn’t  buy it again. Had I known, I would have splurged and bought myself one of his eyeshadow quads that I’ve been eyeing for a while…Or one of his lipsticks….Or…Well…Everything else basically.







Vintage Coat

My boyfriend’s sister is getting married next month and I’m going to England for the wedding. I decided I needed a new dress because I don’t have a lot of formalwear. I also decided I would find something emerald green because I had this genius idea of planning an entire outfit around this weird, green hat I had. Completely logical to plan an entire outfit around a hat. Green nonetheless. Anyway, I finally found a dress- which I’ll do a post on later. But what I really wanted to show you guys, was this awesome vintage swing coat. I found it at my favorite store on the planet (it beats Boots. Every time I visit my boyfriend in England, I ditch him to go to Boots. And he never complains because he’s the best/smart) If you’re in Chicago the store is called the Antique and Resale Shoppe on Harlem and Touhy. You can check out their instagram here.

DO YOU SEE ALL THAT STUFF? It’s like entering a fairytale world. But right. So. Found this coat. It’s the prettiest shade of green ever and it just has SO much material. That’s my favorite thing about vintage clothes. Just the amount of fabric in a pretty 50s gathered skirt. Ugh. It’s impossible to find that now.


Gonna take it in and have it shortened how I have it folded. I always feel guilty getting vintage clothes altered in any extreme way because I don’t want to destroy what makes it so vintage and unique, but at the same time…It has to be wearable for me. This thing swallows me up. If only I were 5’8″…Moving on…

The only place I have to take pictures is on my bed. My bed that is always covered in dog hair. Oh well.

Let me know what you guys think. Also, share your favorite vintage finds with me in the comments– I’d love to hear them!



New Chanel Favorites (and an old favorite,too)

The other week, armed with my Christmas/Birthday gift cards, I went out and bought myself some Chanel products that I’d been itchin’ to try.

I don’t really speak like that, so I’m not sure what’s going on. It’s late and I’m tired.

Moving on, I picked up the Perfection Lumiere Velvet foundation (12 Beige Rose), an eyeshadow quad (Tisse Rivloi), and an illusion d’ombre shadow (New Moon, obviously)

Chanel Perfection Lumiere Velvet $48 USD
Let’s start with the foundation. For some reason, I’m rarely SUPER impressed with liquid foundations. I’ve always had pretty decent skin, so nothing was ever mind blowing to me really. But when I tested this out, it just made my skin look a billion times better. The color for me is a pretty decent match. I think in Mac terms I’m an NW15…Or maybe NC15? I don’t know–Whatever is closest too off white. I’m not huge on Mac foundations-Not yet anyway. I usually change my mind about makeup. Before Chanel changed the formulations on a lot of it’s powder foundations, I was the shade “vanilla” and THAT was perfect. If you’re similar to my coloring, Beige 10 will be way too yellow on you.

It’s a very thin consistency, yet provides a medium/buildable coverage. Definitely get a sample and check it out next time you’re by a Chanel counter. I’m also not on the whole “glowing skin” bandwagon. I like matte skin. Not like, corpse matte. Actually somewhere between corpse matte and I’m still alive matte. You follow me? This whole strobing thing just makes my head hurt. I have been meaning to try the hourglass powders, BUT THAT’S NOT THE POINT OF THIS POST. Back to Chanel…

Chanel Eye Quad in Tisse Rivoli $61 USD
 Chanel Illusion D’Ombre in New Moon $36 USD
Eyeshadows. I really needed a simple everyday palette, so I went with Tisse Rivoli. I had to have it after watching one of those Mary Greenwell videos for Into the Gloss–watch it here. The colors are really pretty and would be suitable for any skin tone or eye color. As for the Illusion d’Ombre shadow…This was a long time coming guys. Back when I had nasty MRSA face (see my previous post to learn more about that. I’m sure you’re dying to know) I got a  sample of the white shimmery shade, Fantasme, and MAN. I don’t know what took me so long to actually buy one of these. I was really torn between Fantasme and New Moon, but I wanted something with a little bit of a base color to it as opposed to just a sheer wash of glitter so New Moon it was. They’re just awesome. Go swatch them. You’ll see. If I could just, bathe in these I would. I’d bathe in glittery eyeshadow. Yes, you read that correctly.

Plus let’s face it. Only a matter of time (AKA my next paycheck) until I go back and get Fantasme.





Quick post to talk about my love of two Clinique products. I’m talking about the Take the Day Off Balm (which everyone seems to be talking about lately) and the Super City Block SPF 25.

Not going to say much this time because they’re pretty straightforward.


Take the Day Off Balm $29 USD

If you wear a lot of makeup, or are an actress like me, you need to have this balm. NEED. I’m always made to put on a brunette wig and told to use a ton of bronzer so I don’t look like Casper the Friendly Ghost when the stage lights hit me. This balm, guys. You come home exhausted from a two show day– A show in which you spend most of your time in your dressing room piling on more makeup and eating cookies left in the green room–You put this on your face and leave it for a minute. Then you wash it off with a warm washcloth and BAM. Nothing is left. If you’re ever in “Cats”, you should buy at least two tubs of this. It’s good just to get off makeup after a night out too. You don’t have to be a weirdo actor like me.  Then of course you follow up with another cleanser, but we’ll talk about that another time.

God. I said this would be short.

 Super CityBlock SPF 25 $24 USD

The Super City Block sunscreen. I originally had the 40 SPF version, but with my weirdly sensitive skin, it just didn’t seem to sit well with me. It would burn if I put it too close to my eyes. I went with the 25 version this time because it’s a physical sunscreen as opposed to a chemical one. Not really sure if that makes a difference or if it was just something unique to the 40 SPF version, because in the summer I’ll use some kind of Neutrogena liquid face sunscreen and I never have any problems– It just doesn’t work as well under makeup as the Clinique one. Check it out if you’re in need of a new light sunscreen.

Some Clinique products really won me over in 2015. I’m eager to try the new Chubby Stick foundation and the new sugar scrubs. My life’s work is trying to find things that will make my constantly dry lips not dry.

Most stores are doing a free gift with a Clinique purchase now as well. Mine came with a cute bag, punch pop lipstick, two shadows, mascara, eye cream (which I’m really liking), and face wash and moisturizer. Definitely worth a look.






Hey Guys

So…a non beauty related post. Not that it matters really because I’ve only just started. I Guess it’s my blog and not many people will really be reading it–So I’m going to do what I want.

Currently stuck waiting at the Nashville airport after I spent the weekend at an audition in Memphis. Have three more hours until I can board my plane back to Chicago.

I’ve got some pretty cool posts coming up this week–In the meantime, here are some pictures I took

That’s pretty much the only interesting thing I did. I got there too late at night to do anything exciting and I knew I had to be up super early the next day. I did get BBQ though. So that’s something.

ALSO. Look what I stumbled upon at O’Hare when I was flying out:

 It’ll sure beat sitting at the gate for two hours when I head to England in three weeks. Not sure how I never noticed it was there to be honest.

Anyway, that’s how I spent my weekend; at an Elvis themed hotel. They played Elvis movies. 24/7…


Clarins Mission Perfection Serum

So this is by no means new, but the reviews I’ve seen about this have been pretty mediocre. I wanted to give you guys my thoughts on it because it completely saved my skin. I’m hoping to do some kind of favorites video this month, so if I actually get around to doing it (hah) I’ll definitely include this in it.


This is the second bottle of this stuff that I’ve purchased. You get 1oz. and on the Clarins website it costs $72. I did get it with my discount from work, but I will admit…It’s expensive stuff. Believe it or not, this is the first and only Clarins product that I own (aside from the deluxe samples I got with my purchase, but I haven’t used those yet so I’ll keep you posted).

Quick rundown of my skin history; I’ve always been lucky enough to have really great skin. I could go out without makeup, everything was great. UNTIL last year. I was doing a show down in Florida– not trying to blame Florida….Just kidding I kinda do blame Florida– and I started to get these horrific, painful, puss filled spots all over my face. I’m not talking one or two and you pop some pimple cream on it and they’re gone. I’m talking they’d come up, pop, fill up again and SPREAD. I tried about a billion different products thinking it was the humidity or stress…Nothing worked. Finally went to the doctor a few months later after my show closed and I was back home and was told I’d picked up a pretty nasty Staph infection. Long story short, after a year of being off and on antibiotics and all kinds of stuff, my skin has FINALLY gone back to normal for the past few months. I’d post pictures, but I’ve only just started this blog and I’d hate to scare everyone away already.

When I finally finished my antibiotics and the active breakouts stopped, I was left with so many spots of hyperpigmentation. Little red spots that just did NOT want to go away. I’m extremely fair so every little spot on my skin may as well have had a big light up neon sign pointing to it.

Enter the Clarins Mission Perfection Serum. Someone at work gave me samples of it and after a week of consistent use, I saw massive improvement. I went back and bought it.

It’s very light and creamy in consistency. It’s not a gel like a lot of other serums I’ve tried. Along with being very fair, I have really sensitive skin and a lot of things burn my skin. Sometimes for no reason. Just BAM. Burning. When I tried this though, no burning. Nothing. Miraculous.

As I was saying, it’s almost like a very light moisturizer. The thing I dislike is that you have no way to tell when you’re starting to run low because the bottle isn’t see thru. I’d break the sucker open if I could and scrape out my $72 dollars worth.

I can’t say much for age or sun spots, but I know for my issues it worked amazingly well. My skin is back to normal. Not only that, but I feel like it’s really helped to even out my whole complexion. I ran out of my first bottle and quit using it for a few weeks and noticed my skin didn’t look quite as good.


(Here are the free deluxe samples I got with my purchase– the Cleansing milk on the left and the HydraQuench Cream Mask on the right. Sorry about the lighting. It’s dark out and I’m lazy.)

I think this is definitely worth considering if you have acne prone, or sensitive skin. I’m 24 and it’s a really good first serum for me. If you have any pigmentation problems, head over to your local Clarins counter and ask for a sample.

Any other Clarins products I NEED to buy? Let me know in the comments.