Tips to Look Better Than You Feel When You’re Sick


I decided last week that I’d take a week off because I had so much on my plate and just needed a break. THEN last Friday, out of nowhere, I came down with a really terrible cold. Did four shows sick as a dog. Went home. Went to the doctor. Found out I have strep. Got medicine. Medicine keeps me awake. The only way to get better is to sleep. But I can’t. Because. MEDICINE.

Personal Steamer. AKA the best $30 I ever spent.

So that’s been my weekend. However, it inspired me to write up a quick little post on my tips and tricks for looking and feeling less shitty than you feel. Even if it’s just a little, tiny, teensy bit.


When I’m sick I break out my Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream. I have the lip balm version and the regular one that comes in the tube. There’s not much of a difference, so I probably wouldn’t repurchase the balm although the set is a good deal for your money. I keep the hand lotion in my car. They all do the same thing– Just different applicators. I also got a free Cowshed Lip balm last time I flew home from the UK. It’s pretty solid, and since it was free I don’t mind infecting it with my GERMS.


My nose is so red and sore. You know that feeling you get when a face mask is drying on your skin? That’s what my nose feels like now. Just all the time. That’s my actual skin. Disgusting. My go-to fix for sick, dry, cracked skin is by Simple.  It’s their Nourishing Skin Day/ Night cream. No SPF. Doesn’t burn the broken skin around my nose. A win all around. I’ll also dab some Bio Oil around my nose to take down some of the redness which helps a little bit. Nothing really helps when you’re expelling half your body weight in mucus on a daily basis.


Even though I can’t smell it right now, there’s something about dousing myself in Chanel No. 5 Eau Premiere right after a shower that instantly makes me feel more like a human when I’m sick. Doesn’t have to be Chanel. Whatever your favorite perfume is. But No. 5 will always make you feel like you have your shit together. Even if you’re a mouth breathing mess who passes out on her bed still in her robe immediately afterwards.


I usually double up on moisturizer when I’m sick because my body just decides to spend all it’s energy generating snot and my skin gets extra dry. That’s scientific fact. I don’t own any fancy body oil, so I always just go for baby oil and a cheap moisturizer. Nivea or Jergens always do the trick.

Last but not least….


In keeping with the extra hydration theme of this post, always spring for a hair mask. Odds are you’re going to take longer showers if you’re sick. Probably because it’s the only time you can breathe like a normal person. Don’t just waste time. Slap a hair mask on. At the very least, you’ll have nice soft hair. Check out my post to see which ones I recommend.

That’s about it for now. My show closes in two more weeks, so when I’m home and healthy I’ll be back to my regular posting schedule! Do you have any tips or tricks that make you feel and look better when you’re ill? Let me know in the comments.

Seriously guys. I look like Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer.




House of Glamdolls Vintage Doll Palette Review 

 Alright. So. I bought this palette (shown left in the picture below)  when I was in England a few months ago. I wanted to have time to really test it out and play with it before I mentioned it again.

I’m going to try to do some more makeup looks and start taking pictures, I’ve just been so busy with my other job that I’ve been sticking to quick write ups and reviews.

Here’s what I think about it…

Overall, I’m pretty impressed with it. For what it is. I like the variety of shades and I wish I had bought some of the other palettes. It was really cheap, but the shadows are decently pigmented. I find myself reaching for it more than I thought I would. Especially the two blush colors.

The four dark, cooler toned shadows to the right are all brow powders. I seldom do much to my brows, but it’s nice to have some options in this palette.


My favorite shade is Starlet. It’s a really shimmery copper shade. Delicate and Silver Screen are close seconds though.  The lip colors are decent. They’re a bit waxy, but good for experimenting with darker colors or reds if that’s not your usual thing.

I did a quick, messy, poorly organized swatch when I fist opened it a few months ago– just to see how pigmented the shadows were. I found that the darker the shade, the easier it went on in one go. Some of the lighter shades were kind of patchy, but the silvery shade photographed extra sparkly. Which is always good. In my opinion.

All in all, I’d say it’s worth checking out if you’re looking to play around with a new look and don’t want to spend a lot of money. I’m a sucker for interesting drugstore makeup finds and it’s always nice when they surprise you. Next time I’m in the UK, I’m going to try a lot more from House of Glamdolls. Anything I should keep an eye out for? Let me know in the comments!  I think I’ll definitely pick up the Fairy Doll palette when I get a chance-Look at all those colors!