Oops. I missed a post.

I was doing so well! I could have sworn I had my newest post scheduled for this past Monday, but apparently not. That’ll be coming up next week then.

To make up for it, here’s a sort of photo blog of where I’ve been and what I’ve been up to the past month.

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Keep an eye out for my newest blog on Monday!

Vintage Vanity

 Hey guys! Short post today about this cute little lipstick holder/ vanity mirror tray I found at my favorite vintage shop. It’s called the Antique and Resale Shoppe if you’re in the Chicago area.

I just thought it was a really cute and convenient place to store the samples I get from work and some jewelry. The little lip earrings on the right are from the same shop and I’ve got a lipstick brooch that matches them! The necklace on the left is actually from a really cute shop based in Brighton called Posh Totty–my boyfriend got it for me, it’s the silhouette of the Brighton Pavilion

 In the back it’s got five little slots that hold lipsticks. The lipsticks in there are Night Crimson and Love Liberty by Charlotte Tilbury and RiRi Woo by  Mac- Which I hardly ever use anymore because I know I’ll never be able to buy it again. Have to stick with plain old Ruby Woo I guess. Although… That’s not my favorite red. I’ve been thinking about doing a post solely on red lipstick. So I’ll save that for later I guess.

That’s about it for today. Have any cool vintage finds? Let me know below!


Sam Edelman Felicia Flat

Quick shout out today to the Sam Edelman Felicia Flat


Let me start off my saying my feet are MESSED up. Years of being clumsy, dancing, and living in high heels is not a good combination. Since I messed up my ankle last Christmas, I’ve been keeping an eye out for comfortable, yet stylish flat shoes. If you would have told me last December that I’d be getting really into flats and gym shoes, I would have looked at you like you were an alien. And yet, here I am. Writing a blog about them.

Anyway, the Felicia flat. I only own one pair, but I plan to expand my collection the next time I find a sale good enough.

Things I like about them:

-They come in a billion colors and patterns. I have the leopard ones (ANOTHER thing I’d never thought I’d say. I’m very weird and picky about animal print) which look really cute with an all black outfit. Which is 99% of my wardrobe anyway.


– They come in different widths. I have tiny, narrow feet but Sam’s shoes tend to run small and really narrow. I usually have to buy my flats from the girls shoe department because the cut of the shoe comes up higher and doesn’t irritate my old lady bunions…If that makes sense. Normally women’s flats are low cut on the side and the toe box shoes lots of “toe cleavage”. Gross. I like these flats have lots of different sizing options.

– They’re so comfortable. I wore these for an eight hour shift at my retail job. I stood and walked around ALL day on hard concrete and tile floors. Usually my feet feel like they’re about to fall off by the end of the day, but not with these on. That alone is a miracle and completely worth the $100.

Like I said, next time I find a good sale I’m definitely buying another pair or two.



Sally Hansen Gel

I know everyone is losing their minds over the new Chanel longwear polishes, but hear me out about this Sally Hansen gel polish kit before you run off and spend the money.

Gel polishes have really taken center stage and come a long way over the past few years. I’ve never had a shellac manicure, or really any manicure, I despise the nail salon. But I have the next best thing. The Sally Hansen Gel Nail kit. The one with the UV light. Now I know a lot of brands have come out with polishes that are pretty resilient without the need for a UV light. But once you get the hang of this… It’s just so good.



Red My Lips  is one of my all time favorite reds. And 98% of the time, I have red nail polish on my nails. So that’s saying something.

The kit is pretty straightforward and is definitely worth the money in my opinion. Although Sally Hansen does have a smaller travel sized UV light that runs about $26 USD. I personally like the bigger one because you can do your whole hand at once. Basically, you clean off your nails with nail polish remover, apply a base coat, put it under the lamp and press the button until the light goes off again. Then you follow with one or two coats of the polish and a top coat letting it cure in the light after each coat. Wipe down each nail really well with a some rubbing alcohol, and then you’re done. Once you get the hang of it you can have both hands done in about ten minutes. No drying time. AND your nails will look perfect for at least 14 days.

I guess it can seem like a bit of an investment, but it’s a lot better than constantly going into a salon.

What are your favorite gel polishes?  Let me know!