The Power of Makeup

Hey guys! Today, I’m bringing you the review on the palette that everyone is talking about. NikkieTutorials did a colab with Too Faced, and seeing as how I secretly want to be Nikkie’s best friend so we can walk around wearing black lipstick and being pale together….I had to buy it.

Before I get into the quick review I want to let you guys (lol, all 18 of you) know that I’m working on overhauling my blog and trying to self host it. I completely suck at stuff like that but I’m trying to learn. Hopefully I’ll have everything up and running how I want it soon.

Right. On with the review…

JUST LOOK AT IT. I bought this because I’ve been trying to work more color into my makeup. I get stuck in a boring neutral routine, so I’m really into the green and purple shades. I’m not so crazy about the packaging, but meh. Who cares what it comes in really.

Since it’s by Too Faced, it’s high quality and super pigmented. As a bonus, the Chocolate Soleil bronzer at the bottom makes the whole palette smell like chocolate even though it’s pretty small.

Swatches on my three favorite colors–Left is with flash and right is without. These colors have definitely inspired me to break out some of my other less used colorful shadows and work them all into a look. The mascara is solid, though it goes on a bit clumpy. I’ve never used Better Than Sex before and I know it has a massive following, but I’m pretty picky about mascara wands. Maybe it’ll grow on me. The liner however, is AWESOME. Insane staying power and black as night.

See what I mean about being her best friend?

All in all, it’s a really great collection. It’s $56 and you even get some glitter. What more could you ask for?


When I was in the U.K. I ordered some Lilash. I’ve been on the fence about buying it for probably a year or two now, and finally I did it. I have really sensitive eyes, so I bought the demi size in case it irritates them.

 I have pretty thick lashes, but they’re fairly short. Not incredibly short when I curl them and use mascara, but they’re not super long. I’m obsessed with fake lashes, so obviously in comparison to my demi wispies, my lashes suck.

Here are my lashes without any makeup on

Here they are with one light coat of mascara

 I haven’t started Lilash yet, but I wanted to give you guys some before pictures so that everyone can see if it really works. Unless it melts my eyeballs or something when I put it on. We’ll see. That’d be one heck of a trip to the ER. Although, they’ve probably seen worse. I digress…

One eyeball with one light coat of mascara on top and bottom

So there you have it. A little pre-Lilash post. Fingers crossed that it works and is worth the money!

Sunburn Tips

I recently got home from visiting England and Scotland…And I somehow managed to get sunburned. Yes. Sunburned. I know.

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll have already seen that picture, but I’ll put it in here for dramatic effect. It’s very rare that I get a full on sunburn. For a pale girl like myself, it’s a fate worse than death (going extra heavy with the drama today). I wear SPF every. Single. Day…Except this past weekend. For some reason that I can’t explain. I don’t know how I forgot, but I did, and now I’m paying for it.

Here are my quick tips for helping the burned, red, flakey, awfulness that is sunburn

1. Bio Oil


Put this all over your burn. ASAP. I got mine from TJ Maxx forever ago really cheap, so keep an eye out. By the next day, you should see a major reduction in redness. If you peel, like me, it’ll also help to make you not look like a leper. Which is always the goal.

2. Neosporin


I do a double whammy of antibiotic cream and Bio Oil. Because…why not? I prefer the Target generic brand version instead of the actual name brand Neosporin because to me, Neosporin smells like brown sugar. And boy do I hate the smell of brown sugar. Plus, its cheaper.

3. Dusting Powder

After I leave the products I just mentioned to soak into my skin for a bit, I like to use some dusting powder on the area. Mostly because I’m secretly an old woman and enjoy smelling like a grandma, but I feel like it makes it a little cooler feeling…If that makes sense. I know there’s some weird stuff going on at the moment with talcum powder, so just be careful and do your research beforehand. I like the Yardley one and this Chanel No. 5 one–For when you want to go full on old lady.

Also, if you’re not a complete idiot like me and actually put your sunscreen on, this is my favorite one to use on my upper body: Neutrogena Ultra Sheet Liquid Sunscreen. And for my face I like the Cityblock SPF 25 by Clinique that I wrote about here.

Got any good tips for me? For the love of God, please let me know in the comments.

Living Proof Night Cap- Worth it?

After much debate, I bought myself the Living Proof Perfect Hair Day Night Cap Overnight Perfector. At $28 it was the most expensive haircare product I’ve ever bought–I’m not one to spend a lot of money on haircare stuff as I mentioned in my previous post on budget conditioners.


Was it worth it? In my opinion…Eh. Not really.

I ordered it from Sephora, and weirdly it came without a cap. I figured I’d try it out for a few nights before I went to return it for one with a cap– that way I could save myself two trips in case I didn’t like it after all. I used it for three nights.

I know that’s not the longest trial, but I was anticipating keeping it and didn’t have a chance to go to Sephora sooner than that anyway.

From what I had read online, this product was supposed to give you instant results. It sounded like one of those things that was too good to be true. Healthier, stronger hair overnight. Yet every review I read (and I read a lot) said that it actually worked.

I didn’t think it was necessarily bad, but it didn’t make that much of a difference in my hair. I wasn’t crazy about the way it felt when my hair was finally dry. I did like the smell of it though. It just didn’t seem to be anything more than a normal leave in conditioner.

Maybe it’s because I have pretty straight and manageable hair to begin with, I don’t know. My hair tends to be naturally dry… and coloring it doesn’t help, but it is still pretty healthy. Maybe girls with waiver, stubborn hair would notice more of a difference.

I still haven’t found a high end hair product worth the dough. If you have any recommendations, leave them down below.