Sunday Shopping Spree

Today I’ve decided to start a new installment. I’m not totally sure what it will entail every week, but we’ll see where it goes. I find that a big chunk of my time online is spent sort of window shopping/ occasionally, yet much less often, actually shopping. So I’ll just share whatever I find myself looking at most often with you.

This week I’ve been really fed up with this extended super hot and humid summer. Fall officially starts next Thursday here and it’ll be nearly 90 degrees. So lame. I want to plant mums and wear boots and do whatever else stupid “basic” white girls do every autumn. Do people still call other people basic anymore? I’m not cool enough to know.


I’ve been really into this idea of blue boots. Preferably a bright blue velvet. No idea why. I’d happily settle for navy though. Blue boots, yellow sweater, cute skirt. That’s the dream. Of course I’d never drop nearly $800 on blue thigh high boots- by never I mean I would if I could- but these Stuart Weitzman shoes are easy on the eyes.

Also, how cute are these Nine West t-strap bow heels? The heels aren’t super high which makes a nice change. I’ve started to gravitate toward lower heels because they’re easier to wear all day. I guess this is what growing up is. But with heels this cute, I don’t mind.
These little Valentino boots are just there for fun. I saw them when I was at work this past week and it made me wish it was cool enough to wear boots. Hence starting the downward spiral into googling “bright blue velvet boots” into the early hours of the morning.


This last dress is something I actually bought. It’s got lipsticks all over it. I had to have it. It’s from Forever 21, so it’s not going to cost the equivalent of a months rent. Not a fan of the beret on the model though. No one looks good in a beret. Except maybe Marilyn Monroe in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes.



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