Lilash Update


I’m excited.

Well, right now I seem to be missing a few lashes, but I’ve heard that’s normal– I guess they grow back super long? Either that or I’ve somehow melted my lashes off. But nah. I have faith. The rest of my lashes are looking pretty good. Definitely the best result I’ve ever gotten from a lash serum so far.

I really suck at taking pictures of my eyes, but there IS a difference. In person it’s a noticeable one. I had pretty thick lashes to begin with, so it’s mostly the length I was looking for. People seem to bitch a lot in reviews that it didn’t darken their lashes. I would never expect it to do that. I’m naturally blonde so my lashes are fairly light. It did make them super curly. Not exactly uniformly curly, but maybe that will come in time. It took about three months to see any difference and now I’m onto my second Demi tube. Hopefully I keep seeing progress. I’ll keep you posted.