I’m a musical theatre actress who has secretly (or…not so secretly) obsessed over beauty and fashion.  Follow me here to see what I think about products, clothes, travel, and pretty much anything else I feel like writing about.

If you’re looking for my professional theatrical website, check it out here:  www.WillowSchneider.com

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  1. Very interesting to read. All the females in my family suffer from acne rosacea which can flare up with alcohol (just one glass!!) and the weather. I used to take an anti-biotic (oxytetracycline) every day but no longer need this. I have recently started using L’Oreal Nude Magique BB and CC cream for my redness. They are very light and have a slight tint and a SPF. I would like to try a night cream that helps settle my skin and wondered what you would recommend?? I also need a new mascara, I like a volumising one and have previously used Maybelline and Forever Living Aloe Vera black, any ideas? Thanks very much x x x x


    1. Hi! I’d hate to tell you the wrong information since I don’t know much about rosacea– But this video is pretty informative: Rosacea Info. Also this one: Makeup Tips for Redness from Lisa Eldridge is more about tips on how to hide your redness with makeup, and Lisa Eldridge knows everything! Clarins stuff is really good, although it’s a bit expensive. Clinique stuff is always tested really well on all kinds of skin types, too. As for mascara, when I was in the UK, I bought a ton of No. 7 mascaras and Max Factor. My favorite one was the Max Factor 2000 Calorie mascara. I like the old fashioned mascara wand– I’m not a fan of the little plastic ones! Hopefully that helps! –Willow


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