Living Proof Night Cap- Worth it?

After much debate, I bought myself the Living Proof Perfect Hair Day Night Cap Overnight Perfector. At $28 it was the most expensive haircare product I’ve ever bought–I’m not one to spend a lot of money on haircare stuff as I mentioned in my previous post on budget conditioners.


Was it worth it? In my opinion…Eh. Not really.

I ordered it from Sephora, and weirdly it came without a cap. I figured I’d try it out for a few nights before I went to return it for one with a cap– that way I could save myself two trips in case I didn’t like it after all. I used it for three nights.

I know that’s not the longest trial, but I was anticipating keeping it and didn’t have a chance to go to Sephora sooner than that anyway.

From what I had read online, this product was supposed to give you instant results. It sounded like one of those things that was too good to be true. Healthier, stronger hair overnight. Yet every review I read (and I read a lot) said that it actually worked.

I didn’t think it was necessarily bad, but it didn’t make that much of a difference in my hair. I wasn’t crazy about the way it felt when my hair was finally dry. I did like the smell of it though. It just didn’t seem to be anything more than a normal leave in conditioner.

Maybe it’s because I have pretty straight and manageable hair to begin with, I don’t know. My hair tends to be naturally dry… and coloring it doesn’t help, but it is still pretty healthy. Maybe girls with waiver, stubborn hair would notice more of a difference.

I still haven’t found a high end hair product worth the dough. If you have any recommendations, leave them down below.

Tips to Look Better Than You Feel When You’re Sick


I decided last week that I’d take a week off because I had so much on my plate and just needed a break. THEN last Friday, out of nowhere, I came down with a really terrible cold. Did four shows sick as a dog. Went home. Went to the doctor. Found out I have strep. Got medicine. Medicine keeps me awake. The only way to get better is to sleep. But I can’t. Because. MEDICINE.

Personal Steamer. AKA the best $30 I ever spent.

So that’s been my weekend. However, it inspired me to write up a quick little post on my tips and tricks for looking and feeling less shitty than you feel. Even if it’s just a little, tiny, teensy bit.


When I’m sick I break out my Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream. I have the lip balm version and the regular one that comes in the tube. There’s not much of a difference, so I probably wouldn’t repurchase the balm although the set is a good deal for your money. I keep the hand lotion in my car. They all do the same thing– Just different applicators. I also got a free Cowshed Lip balm last time I flew home from the UK. It’s pretty solid, and since it was free I don’t mind infecting it with my GERMS.


My nose is so red and sore. You know that feeling you get when a face mask is drying on your skin? That’s what my nose feels like now. Just all the time. That’s my actual skin. Disgusting. My go-to fix for sick, dry, cracked skin is by Simple.  It’s their Nourishing Skin Day/ Night cream. No SPF. Doesn’t burn the broken skin around my nose. A win all around. I’ll also dab some Bio Oil around my nose to take down some of the redness which helps a little bit. Nothing really helps when you’re expelling half your body weight in mucus on a daily basis.


Even though I can’t smell it right now, there’s something about dousing myself in Chanel No. 5 Eau Premiere right after a shower that instantly makes me feel more like a human when I’m sick. Doesn’t have to be Chanel. Whatever your favorite perfume is. But No. 5 will always make you feel like you have your shit together. Even if you’re a mouth breathing mess who passes out on her bed still in her robe immediately afterwards.


I usually double up on moisturizer when I’m sick because my body just decides to spend all it’s energy generating snot and my skin gets extra dry. That’s scientific fact. I don’t own any fancy body oil, so I always just go for baby oil and a cheap moisturizer. Nivea or Jergens always do the trick.

Last but not least….


In keeping with the extra hydration theme of this post, always spring for a hair mask. Odds are you’re going to take longer showers if you’re sick. Probably because it’s the only time you can breathe like a normal person. Don’t just waste time. Slap a hair mask on. At the very least, you’ll have nice soft hair. Check out my post to see which ones I recommend.

That’s about it for now. My show closes in two more weeks, so when I’m home and healthy I’ll be back to my regular posting schedule! Do you have any tips or tricks that make you feel and look better when you’re ill? Let me know in the comments.

Seriously guys. I look like Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer.




Budget Deep Conditioners

Ah, deep conditioner. My love for you goes far back into my childhood. When my mom would buy me those V05 hot oil treatments that you put into a cup of hot water and they did…well, hardly anything. But still. It’s the thought that counts, V05.

I’m not one to spend a ton of money on haircare. I like what I like and have my go-to products and that’s that. So here are my thoughts on a few deep conditioners I think are a good bang for your buck.

Also, quick shout out to the new L’Oreal Extraordinary Oil Shampoo (you can read my full review here). If you haven’t tried it and your hair is on the dry side, you need to. It smells great too, which is probably my biggest deciding factor when it comes to hair stuff.
Right, onto deep conditioners:

Let’s go in order from least favorite to BEST EVER IN THE WHOLE WORLD shall we?


Salon Selectives: I included this because my mom is loves it. It’s actually from Dollar Tree, which is always nice. It’s really good for fine hair, or thinner hair. It’s not too heavy or thick, but it still makes hair nice and soft when you’re done. The smell doesn’t really remind me of anything…Maybe a little bit like Mane and Tail, but it’s not a selling point by any means. It’s a buck though, so you can’t really go wrong.

L’Oreal Damage Erasing Balm: This is what I’ll buy if my yet to be announced favorite isn’t in stock. It’s decent. It makes your hair soft and moisturized.It’s a really thick, goopy consistency and if you leave it on for about five minutes in the shower, you’ll definitely get good results.

Palmer’s Protein Coconut Deep Conditioner (Not pictured…Sorry, I used it and forgot): These little suckers. They’re so good. They smell like coconut. Pretty easy to find. I have really long hair and can get two uses out of each little packet. They’re almost always on sale at Target. You can find them in the ethnic hair section. Super moisturizing and good to throw in your suitcase when you travel.

And now…my all time favorite…

Neutrogena Triple Moisture Deep Recovery Mask: I know I can’t be the only one obsessed with this because every time I go to Target to pick one up, they’re ALWAYS sold out. I need to start buying a few at a time. If you have long hair, this won’t last you a super long time, but it’s definitely worth it. I like the whole Triple Moisture line, but this is by far the stand out product. Leave it on for a few minutes and I promise you’ll have the smoothest softest hair ever.







L’Oreal Extraordinary Oil Shampoo and Conditioner

Quick shout out to the new L’Oreal Extraordinary Oil Shampoo and Conditioner. If you haven’t tried it and your hair is on the dry side, you need to.

img_4686L’Oreal claims this will, “eliminate dryness in one wash” and, “transform dry hair to soft and lustrous”. Let’s not get carried away, people. It’s just shampoo and conditioner… Albeit good shampoo and conditioner.

Moving on…

It smells great, which is probably one of the biggest deciding factors when it comes to hair stuff. It actually sort of smells like the Burberry Brit to me. I’ve never used shampoo like this. I really like the consistency. Although it has “oil” in the name, it doesn’t make your hair look greasy or anything. The conditioner isn’t as groundbreaking, it leaves my hair soft and smooth, but doesn’t weigh it down. I feel like blonde hair is naturally a little more dry, so I love my heavy duty daily conditioners.

So that’s that. Boom. Nice quick review. Might make this a weekly thing. Let me know what you think in the comments– about the products, or if there’s anything specific you want me to write about.



Boots/Superdrug Haul…And Some Other Stuff

My favorite store in England, you ask? Harrods? Selfridges? Cool vintage shops?

No. Boots. Hands down.

I know. I have a problem. Whenever I go, it’s a toss up of wether I’m more excited to see my boyfriend, or go to Boots.

I’m half joking.

I kinda know what I’m looking for when I go now, so this time it was mostly stocking up on things I had run out of, but there are a few new finds.


I always stock up on Soap and Glory stuff when I visit England. I feel like it’s cheaper there even though I don’t even know what I pay for it here when I get it from Sephora (if they still carry it. I’m not sure). I’m probably crazy, but the fact that it’s always on sale at Boots helps me justify why I buy so much of it. I usually buy a lot more of their products, but I only bought three things this time. THREE. If my Dad is reading this, I’m sure he’s very proud of me.     The scrub and the body wash smell amazing. However, I do think I prefer the Smoothie Star body cream that comes in the tub over the Body Milk I bought. It’s still rich and moisturizing, but my skin has been pretty dry lately so I prefer the thicker creams.


I really should have washed my new bedspread before I took these so it wasn’t all wrinkly. Oops. It’s cute though, isn’t it?

I bought lots of Colab dry shampoo. I really love the extreme volume line, especially when I’m wearing a hair piece or doing an updo. My hair is so slippery and hard to style that the Extreme Volume spray gives it a lot of extra grip and…volume. Imagine that. My favorite scent is the London one, but the Paris floral scent might just take over that place in my heart. I’m not an avid dry shampoo user. Mostly because I’m weird about showering and I have to wash my hair all the time. Germs are everywhere, people. Take showers. As a styling product though, I think it’s awesome. The Luxe Shine spray is worth checking out, although it hasn’t totally won me over yet. I’m not crazy about the smell, but it definitely does make your hair really shiny.

I’m in love with the Vitamin E hot cloth cleanser. It’s so gentle and moisturizing– great for sensitive skin. I don’t remember how much I paid for it, but it was weirdly cheap. So was the serum above it in the picture. It’s just a simple moisturizing serum. It was only about two pounds if I remember correctly. I chose this serum because the one Sali Hughes recommended was still sold out. This one does have an odd, almost licorice scent to it, but that doesn’t bother me. It does what it says on the label which is always a good thing.

The little tube in the picture is just a basic Boots brand cucumber eye gel. I thought it’d be useful to stick in the fridge when my eyes are all swollen and puffy from allergies. Which is seemingly all the time now. Ugh.

This nail polish…I wasn’t impressed. I liked the concept; Nail polish IN A CAN, but ehhh. I’m really picky about my nails. If they aren’t perfect and shiny, I’ll just pick at them and it gets ugly REALLY QUICKLY. If you’re a perfectionist like me, this probably isn’t worth the money; I think it’s about $15 USD. I’m going to mess around with it more (literally-this stuff is messy) to see if I can figure out a better, more perfectionist/OCD-friendly way to use it. Stay tuned.

This is what’s left of my food/candy stash. I’ve been home for a week and as much as I value my readers, I’m not going to avoid eating chocolate just so I can photograph it. Psssh.

YOU GUYS. The cookie shortage in England. It hit me hard, man. This must be what living through the Great Depression was like. I went to the store looking for my  favorite Bourbons, AND THERE WEREN’T ANY. Tragic. Pretty sure I compensated with enough junk though. I’m gonna make it.

 I bought a golden shimmery highlighter from Makeup Academy. I’m not sure if I like it as a highlight. I have a beef with highlighters–which I know in todays IG world is sacrilege. But I’ve yet to find one that actually shows up on my skin without looking like a big frosty nightmare. I usually just stick to my white eyeshadow. This product just sits on top my skin and makes my pores look bigger than they are. I do like it for an inner corner highlight or even as a wash of shimmer on my lids.

I picked up the Chanel CC Cream in the shade “beige 10” since they don’t sell a shade that pale here in the US. It’s a little bit thicker than I anticipated, but I love the fact that it has an SPF of 50. It’ll really come in handy this summer.

The Bourjois foundation is an old favorite that I needed to stock up on. It’s so blend-able, light, and comfortable on the skin. I’m shade 51 Vanille. I repurchased my Bourjois bronzer as well. I think it’s a pretty decent dupe for the Too Faced Chocolate bronzer. They’re a great choice for us pale girls. Super affordable as well. I practically glow in the dark, so I’m not one to spend a lot of money on bronzer. I’ve just accepted the fact that I will never be tan in any way. This light bronzy shade is good for adding warmth to the skin, without necessarily making you look dark- which is what I like about it.

As for the palette, I think I’ll do a full review of it later. I need to mess around with it some more and try out a few different looks. I got it for five pounds at Superdrug. It’s by House of Glamdolls and it’s the “Vintage Doll” palette. For the price, it’s surprisingly good. The blushes are especially lovely and pigmented.


 Technically…I didn’t buy this when I was in England. I bought it on sale from Asos a few months ago and had it shipped to my boyfriend’s apartment in Brighton since they wouldn’t ship this specific coat to America. I was glad I had a wool coat when I got there because I went in only a leather jacket (a long wintery, faux leather one lined in shearling…I’m from Chicago so I’m no n00b when it comes to cold weather). As soon as I got to England, the weather turned shitty, cold, and insanely windy. So shout out to past me– Good call on the spending money on a coat thing.

Anyone who says it’s ever warm in England is a LIAR. I’ve been there in all seasons now. You’d think I’d catch on.

 The coat  isn’t available anymore, so sorry to taunt you if you really like it. They do have some similar coats by Mango (last time I checked) but not this specific one!


  Last but not least, I got these cool old books for five pounds. The Tower of London is for me, and the short story collection is for a cool book chain thing I’m doing. I’m not sure when the Ainsworth book I have was printed, I know the original was published in the seventeenth century, but the short story book has a library stamp from 1956, which I thought was neat. I’m really into history, especially anything to do with the Tower of London (or anything else morbid and weird). Can’t wait to read it. I know it’s not beauty related- I just thought they were too cool to pass up.

That’s about it for my purchases from this trip. Keep checking back for some in depth reviews!