What’d I miss?

Hey guys

I suck at blogging.

I’ve had a million drafts saved and ready to go, but just haven’t really been into uploading any of them. Which on one hand, felt nice because I just didn’t feel like it…So I didn’t do it. That doesn’t really happen very often in life. BUUUT on the other hand, I kinda miss my blog. I’m always thinking “hey this would make a good post” or “this thing is cool, I should write about it”. Then I don’t. I don’t know why. But whatever.

I’ve had a nasty cold for nearly three weeks and I’m just now getting around to going to the doctor. Figured now was as good a time as any to slap a post up on my blog.


I have lots of cool stuff to write about. So check back soon and hopefully I’ll be feeling up to posting.

Lilash Update


I’m excited.

Well, right now I seem to be missing a few lashes, but I’ve heard that’s normal– I guess they grow back super long? Either that or I’ve somehow melted my lashes off. But nah. I have faith. The rest of my lashes are looking pretty good. Definitely the best result I’ve ever gotten from a lash serum so far.

I really suck at taking pictures of my eyes, but there IS a difference. In person it’s a noticeable one. I had pretty thick lashes to begin with, so it’s mostly the length I was looking for. People seem to bitch a lot in reviews that it didn’t darken their lashes. I would never expect it to do that. I’m naturally blonde so my lashes are fairly light. It did make them super curly. Not exactly uniformly curly, but maybe that will come in time. It took about three months to see any difference and now I’m onto my second Demi tube. Hopefully I keep seeing progress. I’ll keep you posted.


Sunday Shopping Spree

Today I’ve decided to start a new installment. I’m not totally sure what it will entail every week, but we’ll see where it goes. I find that a big chunk of my time online is spent sort of window shopping/ occasionally, yet much less often, actually shopping. So I’ll just share whatever I find myself looking at most often with you.

This week I’ve been really fed up with this extended super hot and humid summer. Fall officially starts next Thursday here and it’ll be nearly 90 degrees. So lame. I want to plant mums and wear boots and do whatever else stupid “basic” white girls do every autumn. Do people still call other people basic anymore? I’m not cool enough to know.


I’ve been really into this idea of blue boots. Preferably a bright blue velvet. No idea why. I’d happily settle for navy though. Blue boots, yellow sweater, cute skirt. That’s the dream. Of course I’d never drop nearly $800 on blue thigh high boots- by never I mean I would if I could- but these Stuart Weitzman shoes are easy on the eyes.

Also, how cute are these Nine West t-strap bow heels? The heels aren’t super high which makes a nice change. I’ve started to gravitate toward lower heels because they’re easier to wear all day. I guess this is what growing up is. But with heels this cute, I don’t mind.
These little Valentino boots are just there for fun. I saw them when I was at work this past week and it made me wish it was cool enough to wear boots. Hence starting the downward spiral into googling “bright blue velvet boots” into the early hours of the morning.


This last dress is something I actually bought. It’s got lipsticks all over it. I had to have it. It’s from Forever 21, so it’s not going to cost the equivalent of a months rent. Not a fan of the beret on the model though. No one looks good in a beret. Except maybe Marilyn Monroe in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes.


UK Haul 

Hey guys. So as a few of you might know, last month I went to England and Scotland to visit my boyfriend. It was my first time in Scotland, and I already want to run away and live there forever. That being said, I made numerous trips to Superdrug, Boots, and a few other places. Since you all know I love a good drugstore purchase, keep on reading for some of my favorite finds from my trip.

This definitely isn’t everything I bought, but it’s my favorites from the makeup and skincare bits.

By some miracle I managed to find the Simply Pure Hydrating serum that Sali Hughes always goes on about. I bought the moisturizer to go with it. It’s actually a surprisingly good group of products. They do what they say on the bottle. The moisturizer was really cheap and doesn’t irritate my skin and the serum is just a good, basic, hydrating serum.

I was a bit obsessed with the Superdrug Vitamin E cleansing balm that I purchased earlier in the year, so I picked up the Facial Oil this time around. The bottle is pretty tiny, but you only need a few drops. I think it’ll definitely come in handy when winter gets here. Chicago winters tend to suck the life out of everything, including my skin.

I got a cool highlighter from Makeup Revolution. They actually stock these in Ulta in the US now. It’s obviously not a highlight on my skin tone, but it makes for a pretty effect over some blush and adds a hint of warmth. I found a new favorite Max Factor foundation. It’s a cream formula, and although the color is a little too dark, I find I can correct it with a lighter powder. The finish is beautiful and it feels really smooth when  you apply it.

I purchased two Sleek palettes from Boots. I’m not a giant fan of the highlighting phase. I like my matte white powder to highlight. However, I swatched the Solstice palette in store to see what all the fuss was about, and knew I had to buy it. I only bought the blush palette that went with it because every Boots within walking distance from Brighton was out of the Solstice palette and they had some insanely good deal on. The blush is really pigmented though. I like that there’s a cream blush in the same palette too. They’re both pretty nifty, and I got them both for twelve pounds or something like that.

As far as the non makeup finds, I bought a few scarves (Obviously. American girl goes to Edinburgh. Comes back with plaid scarves.) A cute safety pin brooch type thing– No idea what to actually call it. And I discovered two perfumes. I purchased one, and bought a sample of the other, insanely expensive one.

Dead Sexy is by Tokyo Milk. The name makes me cringe a bit, but I really like the way it smells. The salesgirl gave me a big speech about how they make their perfumes “without chemicals”. You know. However that’s supposed to work. So if that sort of thing is important to you, check them out. They’re actually cheaper to buy in America–Which I didn’t really realize until afterwards, but I blame the brain fog on jet lag. I’ve blown 10 dollars on stupider stuff, but we’ll save that for another post.

The other perfume is by fancy, super pretentious perfume house Illuminum. My boyfriend took me for afternoon tea at a super fancy tea room in York– No seriously, they had a pianist and everything. Although she basically sat there and played the entire score of Les Miserables, and being an actress I found it a strange, somewhat depressing choice. Anyway, York is home to one of the oldest perfume shops in England, and it happened to be right around the corner. I went in determined to love Floris Night Blooming Jasmine…and ended up really hating it. The salesman asked me what type of scent I liked and when I mentioned gardenia, he showed me White Gardenia Petals. Complete with a story about how Kate Middleton wore it on her wedding day–Which I assumed he thought would sway me to buy it, but for almost $200 a bottle, I don’t really care what she wore. I decided I would hold off on buying  a big bottle and purchased a sample vial instead. The sample vial does smell a little different, I definitely liked it on my wrist in York better. It’s a beautiful scent though. I think the next time I’m in the UK, that’s what I’ll splurge on. Illuminum do a really interesting black tea scent as well, so definitely check them out.

As mentioned in one of my previous posts, I’m working on making some changes to my blog and self hosting it. I have quite a lot of stuff going on at the moment, so it’s coming along a lot more slowly than anticipated, but I will keep you all posted so you don’t miss anything too exciting.


The Power of Makeup

Hey guys! Today, I’m bringing you the review on the palette that everyone is talking about. NikkieTutorials did a colab with Too Faced, and seeing as how I secretly want to be Nikkie’s best friend so we can walk around wearing black lipstick and being pale together….I had to buy it.

Before I get into the quick review I want to let you guys (lol, all 18 of you) know that I’m working on overhauling my blog and trying to self host it. I completely suck at stuff like that but I’m trying to learn. Hopefully I’ll have everything up and running how I want it soon.

Right. On with the review…

JUST LOOK AT IT. I bought this because I’ve been trying to work more color into my makeup. I get stuck in a boring neutral routine, so I’m really into the green and purple shades. I’m not so crazy about the packaging, but meh. Who cares what it comes in really.

Since it’s by Too Faced, it’s high quality and super pigmented. As a bonus, the Chocolate Soleil bronzer at the bottom makes the whole palette smell like chocolate even though it’s pretty small.

Swatches on my three favorite colors–Left is with flash and right is without. These colors have definitely inspired me to break out some of my other less used colorful shadows and work them all into a look. The mascara is solid, though it goes on a bit clumpy. I’ve never used Better Than Sex before and I know it has a massive following, but I’m pretty picky about mascara wands. Maybe it’ll grow on me. The liner however, is AWESOME. Insane staying power and black as night.

See what I mean about being her best friend?

All in all, it’s a really great collection. It’s $56 and you even get some glitter. What more could you ask for?

Sally Hansen Gel

I know everyone is losing their minds over the new Chanel longwear polishes, but hear me out about this Sally Hansen gel polish kit before you run off and spend the money.

Gel polishes have really taken center stage and come a long way over the past few years. I’ve never had a shellac manicure, or really any manicure, I despise the nail salon. But I have the next best thing. The Sally Hansen Gel Nail kit. The one with the UV light. Now I know a lot of brands have come out with polishes that are pretty resilient without the need for a UV light. But once you get the hang of this… It’s just so good.



Red My Lips  is one of my all time favorite reds. And 98% of the time, I have red nail polish on my nails. So that’s saying something.

The kit is pretty straightforward and is definitely worth the money in my opinion. Although Sally Hansen does have a smaller travel sized UV light that runs about $26 USD. I personally like the bigger one because you can do your whole hand at once. Basically, you clean off your nails with nail polish remover, apply a base coat, put it under the lamp and press the button until the light goes off again. Then you follow with one or two coats of the polish and a top coat letting it cure in the light after each coat. Wipe down each nail really well with a some rubbing alcohol, and then you’re done. Once you get the hang of it you can have both hands done in about ten minutes. No drying time. AND your nails will look perfect for at least 14 days.

I guess it can seem like a bit of an investment, but it’s a lot better than constantly going into a salon.

What are your favorite gel polishes?  Let me know!



Summer Smells

Although I’m of the opinion that Chanel No. 5 is a year round fragrance,  I do try to switch it up in the summer months. Chanel’s No. 5 Eau Premiere is my all time favorite go-to perfume (I’m dying to smell the new No. 5 they’re launching in the fall). But recently some other scents have really caught my attention.

They aren’t particularly new, but nice nevertheless.

      product_middle_fragrance_100_gardeniaJo Loves Gardenia

I was searching for a perfume that smelled like a gardenia flower and this is IT. Guys. Seriously. If you like gardenia and get annoyed that lots of perfumes smell really fake and gross, look no further. I have a smaller bottle of this that I got a little over a year ago, and I think they’ve relaunched it since. It only comes in the 100 ml bottle online. It’s the only gardenia perfume that actually smells like the flower. So pretty.


Santal Blush

UGH TOM FORD. WHY. WHY DO YOU MAKE SO MANY THINGS I WANT TO BUY. TELL ME. This has been out for a while, and not that it’s not equally as unique and wearable in the winter, but I think it really works well in the summer. It’s still heavy enough to feel like you’re wearing a grown up perfume, but it’s just…cool. I’ve never really smelled a perfume like it before. I know it’s popular, but I never seem to smell it on a lot of other people (or maybe I’m just not hanging out with rich people often enough/ever) which is a big plus when it comes to perfumes for me.


Bronze Goddess

I spray myself with the tester of this from the Lauder counter when I’m at work all summer long. It just smells like summer. Really beachy and coconuty. They’ve come out with rollerballs and travel sprays now which are always handy to toss in your bag.


Roses et Reines 

This is another floral fragrance. I like Rose de Grasse from Aerin, but this is a much cheaper way to get my rose fix. I only have the rollerball, but I like it. Rose can sometimes be really overpowering, but this is a soft, summery scent.

Be sure to try these out next time you’re out shopping and let me know what you think